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London Comic Con

I managed to channel my inner geek last Friday as I got to go to the London Comic Con event at the Excel in London.

I got go to with Matt a friend who does interviews for Geek Legion of Doom for their Youtube Channel.

Geek Legion Of Doom Youtube Channel

I definitely don’t think I was ready for how much stuff was actually there. I can see why people get a weekend pass for it. I had budgeted myself well though I thought and only came away with a Ironman Hulkbuster bobble (Not the pop Vinyl one) head and some Dragon Ball Z key chain figures that I had been after.

But I think ten years ago and I would of spent a fortune!

Cosplay is such a big thing at this event and it seems to be getting bigger and bigger with communities spreading over the country. I have seen there are actual specific cosplay photographers and even cosplayers that do it as a job! I find it such a great thing as its a way for people to really express their love of a character.

I really enjoyed the trading card project we did recently so I would love to do one with adults for characters they love. I did take my camera on Friday and got to take some photos of some amzing outfits. Check them out below!

But for now I will wait till the next event and definitely plan it better so I cant take even more photos of amazing Cosplayers!.




Superhero trading cards

We have been running a Superhero Trading card promotion at the studio with some fantastic results.

Check out our Facebook page to see who has been visiting the studio:

Super Hero Facebook Album

z Edie - Copy
Z Ruby - CopyZ Amelia










If you have a little hero in your house that would like to take part then please do get in contact at the studio on 07801801314 or

You will receive a free digital image of your trading card you can print 7×5 and also a voucher to come in as a family at a later date.