About us and your shoot

About us and your shoot

Wayne Kahn


Now a family man with my little girl and dog, life is great, just like Lucy, they are my muses and inspiration, our daughter knowing what to do every time for a photo now.

With having over ten years experience I love photographing families when they come to us for something different. I managed to get four Polaroid cameras that I had refurbished and use them in Photoshoots. I love the retro feel and vibe and think it comes across in my images.

Ask my about our Pinterest board which I am addicted to and very proud of. When using it I can normally spend hours getting lost in inspiration.


Lucy Penfold


Having been a photographer for over ten years I have captured so many beautiful moments for so many lovely families. I spent several years in New Zealand as a photographer and also became a massive all blacks fan along the way.

In my photography I was inspired by my granddad with his love of film and dark room techniques, I have a wide variety of old vintage cameras that I collect.

I now have a little girl that is our muse and is photographed every day and now cant wait to go travelling with her, creating new stories as we go along.

Your photoshoot

For us sessions are all about capturing the unique connections between you as a family and your children’s character. We love images that show WHO you are not just what you look like.

Our sessions are fun, relaxed and all about you. The session is not about sitting and posing, it is about capturing precious time with the family. We take a whole range of different images, whatever it takes to tell your story. The session can be in your favourite location of choice, at home or in our studio.

We allow up to an a hour and a half for our studio sessions and up to two hours for a location based session. This was we have plenty of time to capture a great variety of images.

Always wear what you feel comfortable in.  Clothes don’t need to be plain but try and avoid too many patterns, as this distracts the eye from your faces and expressions, which are the most important feature of your photograph. Bright colours work exceptionally well particularly on young children.

Think about the little things that make you and your family unique. Does you son ALWAYS wear the same blue T-shirt? Or could your daughter not live without her sparkly pink hair clips? Have a think and bring a few outfits along.

Whether it’s music, sport, or just having fun together, we can build around these ideas to make a portrait that captures the unique personality of your family. So bring in props, anything goes, the more personal and original the better. Images from books and magazines can really help to give us an idea of who you are and what you enjoy.

Children have the most amazing imaginations. We love to capture all the fun and excitement whether it’s being an astronaut or a fairy princess. Incorporating play in the session can ensure the images are very natural.

Just ask yourself these questions: What brings your family together? What makes your family special and unique? How do you spend your time together? E.g. Pillow fights, enjoy a drink together, swimming, football. Bringing in various items will relax your children and create a fun environment. And if you have any ideas bring them along with you too!


Trends and inspiration

We will help you through your experience with full guidance on what will work with your color combinations and overall themes to an image. Feel free to check out our Pinterest boards for some cool and fresh ideas.