Highclere Country Show

It was our first time exhibiting at the Highclere Country show. It is actually a very local event for us at the studio so we were very excited to see if we recognised anyone and funnily enough we did see some people we had seen before in the studio.

Check out their website to see all the other things that happened on the day:



We do love doing our little pop up studios, it is a great way to show people what we can do in just two minutes. Its always great when someone loves their image and then wants to come into the studio for the whole experience.



Here are some of the images we took over the weekend, the rest are on our Facebook page:

Studio1314 Facebook Page


Highclere show Studio1314 image Highclere show pop up image Highclere show studio1314 image Highclere show pop up image Highclere show pop up image highclere country show pop up image

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